Deeper Uranus – Seven-Year Cycles


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This interpretation would be merged with the meaning of the 2nd house—Security, possessions, what makes us feel safe. When Uranus moves into your 3rdhouse (in this example), it would be treated as if this was the second, but colored by the native meaning of the 3rd: communications, siblings, communication, and such.

Also read Uranus through the houses as he travels through your houses when they are in the natural order. Below, for example, When Uranus is in Leo, it would be read as traveling through the 9th house.

derived houses for blog

2nd to first

Uranus through the Houses in 7-year cycles:

1st house

Uranus transiting here brings in the start of news cycles. It heralds anything that has potential for renewal, rebirth, or creation.  The changes that happen during this cycle lay a foundation for the rest of the seven–year cycles.

In the first house, Uranus asks us to explore our own creativity and move toward a fuller expression of our own totality and unique nature. It is a time of self–renewal. During this planet’s journey through your first house, you will most probably experience restlessness and discontent with status quo. This can be the impetus toward change.

You may experience inner struggles with the desire to hold onto the comfort of life as-is because it had offered you familiarity or security. And yet a deep part of yourself craves more freedom and change.

The effect of Uranus moving through your first house, can disrupt personal relationships. Others may not appreciate the changes in you or even become afraid of them. You may come to choice points where are you know that you must either give up long-held relationships that no longer harmonize with your changing inner self and desire to live in a different way, or keep the security you’re familiar with and suffer in silence.

If these changes aren’t keeping with your true self and your highest good, suppressing them will only result in the build up tension that could explode in rash decisions that disrupt your life in  a possibly destructive way. It is better to find more congenial ways to embrace the changes that you are called to in a more peaceful way.

On the other hand, in cases such as leaving a traditional religion where family and friends are still entrenched in the beliefs and dogma of that religion. It can be difficult. It could result in anger, disappointments, fear, and outright hostility from your decision to follow your heart and move-on. In this case, you must deal with your own inner conflict about what Uranus is urging you to do and to heal your emotions concerning the separation from people and ideologies that no longer serve your highest good. In other words, it is useful to understand that how someone reacts to you changing has everything to do with them, and little or nothing to do with you. They lash out because of their own fears, or deep feelings. You have no responsibility to sacrifice your greater good to appease their inability to accept you as you are and not as what they want you to be.

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Uranus – Planet of Mystery and “Gotcha!” Part 1


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William Herschel

William Herschel – Discovered Uranus in 1781

Uranus was discovered by William Herschel on March 13, 1781. Originally,  he suggested naming the it, Georgian Star, in honor of King George III of England and Hanover. The king was fluttered and offered herself honors by raising his status to King’s Astronomer and giving Herschel enough financial support for him to be free to continue his work with astronomy.. However, the name was unpopular in the scientific community who called the planet, Herschel. That too was not widely accepted. Most of the other planets were named after Roman gods so this planet was given the name of Uranus.

In mythology Uranus was one of the original Titans. He was the God of the heavens and sky, also the god of Chaos. Greek and Roman mythology is complex and convoluted. This is probably because the pantheon represent ideologies, cosmology, and human psyche. Uranus represents air. He married his mother, Gaia, Earth. The Uranus was castrated by his son, Saturn/Chronos, the god time, boundaries, and order. This represents the principle of chaos being restricted by the

order of the universal laws.

In astrology, the planet Uranus is the first transpersonal planet to be scientifically


The Titan Uranus

discovered, Perhaps because it is the closest one to earth. Later Neptune and Pluto where discovered and the transcendent Trinity was completed. Transpersonal planets are those that affect us in a collective-mind way. They are transformative across generations and societies. They have a collective effect that’s speaks to the unified unconscious mind of humanity.

Uranus speaks to the psyche of artists, progressive thinkers, spiritual seekers, inventors, and creative minds. Uranus connects with anyone seeking to create—architects, scientists, explorers, and more. Uranus reaches for what is new and unexplored. From religion to politics; from volcanoes creating new land mass, to space exploration. Uranus strains against limitation, boundaries, rules, and confinement. Uranus, associated with the Tarot card, Fool, asks you to take the leap into the unknown and reinvent yourself. Continue reading

DNC chaos and revolt Astrology

Oh, Hillary. You are in for a wild ride.

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

OK so I am very happy that WIKILEAKS blew the whistle on the DNC fudging democracy blatantly by actively screwing up Bernie Sanders winning position. The Party clearly had him marked from the get go.  Yes Deborah Wasserman Schultz will resign as chairwoman at the end of the party’s convention! That is not enough. 

Hillary Clinton astrology Tara GreeneHillary Clinton has disputed birth times. 

A thousand Bernie Sanders supporters protested in Philadelphia sunday night before the DNC begins MOnday July 25.  The DNC obstructed democracy. They should be sued. This is a clear violation. While yes Hillary Clinton is technically the most qualified to be sitting in the oval office there is so much trickery as is clearly evident that I feel that overrules whatever competence she has. I hope that Hillary goes down and a miracle occurs and Bernie is somehow her replacement.   I hate to see him having to tow the party…

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2016-07 W30: Forecasts for Week 30 of 2016

Really good insight into the everyday influences.

Weekly Forecasts

2016-07 W30: Forecasts for Week 30 of 2016


The early part of the week is dominated by the Full Moon on Tuesday after a very “karmic” day on Sunday.  Sun becomes void shortly past midnight (CDT) on Sunday and remains void until early Friday.  That makes accomplishment of lasting results during this period, most of the week, somewhere between difficult and impossible.  If you do get results, they will tend to be perverse or oddball.  Mercury is highly active this week, and many of the aspects are disruptive.  Arguments, fights, car problems, plane crashes, and similar will be the norm.  Telecommunications may be knocked out; traffic jams will likely be prevalent.  “Things” get better Friday, and Saturday is a “breakthrough day” for some people (perhaps many).


This is a curious “mixed” kind of day where some people can “jump out of” astrology forecasts, karma, and almost anything else…

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Big earth trine, Money, sex, power

I like how Tara writes about astrology. She make the planets come to life as well as giving us really good guidance on how to live with the planetary influencwes. Kudos Tara.

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

President Obama, the Mexican President and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Ottawa June 29 in a three Amgios deal. President Obama spoke of his bromance with Canada. 

June 30 the last day of June already and it is a complex day.

Taurus moon makes 7 major aspects – a difficult one with Saturn in Sagittarius that may cause you to loose sleep.

Most are easy beneficial sextiles from the bovine Moon to Neptune in Pisces at night increasing dream recall and a sextile to Venus in Cancer- you will be dreaming about water, food, scenes from childhood, your children and loved ones and bodily comforts. 

There a BIG GRAND EARTH TRINE from the Bull moon to PLUTO in CAPRICORN and JUPITER IN VIRGO.  Very nice very grounding the moon is playing with the Big Boys.

Moon opposes that now freed up MARS in SCORPIO @ 5:19 pm PDT/ 8:19…

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Selacia – July 2016 Navigation Tips

Great post. Good guidance for navigating the Mars energy.


July 2016 Navigation Tips

We have a helpful shift in cosmic energies in July, thanks in part to the action planet Mars going direct this week and a new more positive momentum beginning to unfold. Stay tuned for some different opportunities coming your way!

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Beyond Your Personal Horoscope – Mundane Astrology


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Planet Earth 005This is the oldest form of astrology. It is the astrology of nations, groups, world events, geology and weather. Personal astrology wasn’t even thought of before the 4th century CE. Although astrology was used personally for royalty because their fates and the fate of their nations went hand in hand.

One of the earliest Roman writings on astrology comes from around 30 BCE—during the reign of Octavious. Babylonian tablets were translated into five long poems which explained a system of astrology and told what nations or geographical areas fell under what signs. In those days, it was believed that racial differences were due to zodiacal rulership of their homeland. Strife between nations was due to incompatible ruling zodiac signs. Eclipses and comets were considered disruptive and ominous to nations and rulers.

Around 51, CE, Ptolemy brought new complexities to astrology. In his works Al Magest and Tetrabiblos, he divided astronomy from astrology and subdivided astrology into mundane and natal. Ptolemy was one of the first to consider astrology a system of possibilities rather than fixed certainties. He drew from theories set down by Pliny in 77 CE, who wrote “The power of omens is really in our control, and their influence is conditional upon the way we receive them.”

PtolomyPtolemy taught that the gods did not cause planetary and sign influences but measurable physics did. Using his scientific approach, he reassigned rulership to nations and added the elements of earth, air, fire and water, plus genders— feminine and masculine. He divided the earth into four geographical quarters. Europe was northwest, therefore ruled by fire and masculine; the southwest, including Libya was water and feminine; Persia, India and South Asia were southeast thus earth and feminine; north Asia was air and masculine. He then subdivided the world into nations and gave them zodiac rulerships that were different from those previously indicated.

In 1170, Roger of Hereford wrote The Book of the Divisions of Astronomy and its Four Parts. In it he distinguished four divisions of astrology: Natal, Electional, Horary, and Mundane. Roger claimed that each part of the earth was ruled by a planet and a sign. He probably derived his words from the Arabs, who were then the most advanced scientists in the known world. Other astrologers with their own ideas of rulership disputed his claims

Around the 14th century, mundane astrology became big business. Astrologers were well paid to predict wars, weather, treaties, royal marriages, coronations, invasions and such. Even though astrology of the times was flawed and uncertain, mundane astrology had a profound effect on the course of history from the 14th-17th centuries. It did this by influencing decisions made by those in power and, after movable type was invented, brought wide circulation to predictions, by swaying public opinions to affect events.

In the17th century, chaos, rebellion, and major change engulfed England—regardless of the predictions made, by the astrologers. What they didn’t know was that the “planet” Pluto was transiting the 1st house of England’s natal chart, meaning upheaval and change through revolution and transformation.

Throughout the centuries, religion and science have tried to discredit and squelch the use of mundane astrology, but it’s use remained popular. Throughout history the job of official astrology was a tough one. The role of official astrologer was a tough one. For example, WWII Nazi’s used it. Hitler wouldn’t listen to any predictions of doomed victory. However, Nancy ReaganHess escaped to Scotland on the advice of astrologers. Nancy Reagan used an astrologer to predict and advice on affairs of state. Whether U.S. President Ronald Reagan used this advice is unknown.

In modern mundane astrology, the movements and interactions of the outer (transpersonal) planets of Saturn (discovered 1610), Uranus (discovered 1781), Neptune (discovered 1846) and Pluto (discovered 1930) are the driving forces behind world events. Horoscopes for mundane astrology are erected for precise events such as coronations, elections, declarations of independence, the signing of international or national papers, natural disasters, major crimes and such. However, there is sometimes a disagreement on which date to use for nations. For example, the United States has had a long history of debate over time to use for its birth—the date that all the signatures were on the Declaration of Independence is generally used, but the time is difficult to determine. For a sovereign nation, do we use the coronation of the monarch or his/her birth chart, or when he/she was officially declared to be the heir apparent?

Fortunately, for astrologers now, most of the nations and states of the world have “official” horoscopes to use. But nothing is without room for additional insight and many people have their own ideas about which charts to use. For example, the United States has at least two “official” charts, July 4, 1776 at 12:15 PM and July 4, 1776 at 5PM. The first gives the U.S. Libra rising, the second gives Sagittarius rising. There are others who believe that the United States has its Sun in Scorpio.

Since Mundane astrology works mostly with the outer planets’ transits, it is cyclical. Modern science is now recognizing that trends, occurrences, and mass consciousness are cyclical. There is an organization called the Foundation for the Study of Cycles – whose members research cyclical changes in natural and social phenomena. They also study planetary patterns to correlate with natural disasters, weather, human behavior and the stock market. This, of course, is what astrology does. However, scientists involved in these studies do not acknowledge any astrological involvement. In fact, they still debunk astrology as superstition for the ignorant masses. They do this as they happily study how planetary patterns affect the world on a mass and individual level.

Although there are many interesting astrology indications for the United States in 2016, I was intrigued by the effect certain planets will have on the US Congress and Senate, and on the November presidential election.

GOPThe Republican Party was born in February/March, 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin through a political protest meeting. In 2017, the GOP will be experiencing its Neptune Return. Saturn is the taskmaster planet and many of the extremists in the Party will have to face the effects they have wrought in the country. Expect more disarray, polarization, and chaos in the Party.

They will have to get their act together or the GOP is in danger of dissolving. Neptune can create delusions of grandeur, misunderstandings, and a clinging to myth as reality. Neptune likes social justice and many in the US government have moved away from any sense of responsibility to the people’s welfare.

Abraham lincolnDuring Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, Neptune was making a similar impact on the US government. Then, it was in its own sign of Pisces, making it even more intense. Lincoln wrote, “Nearly eighty years ago we began by declaring that all men are created equal; but now from that beginning we have run down to the other declaration, that for some men to enslave others is a ‘sacred right of self-government.’ These principles cannot stand together. They are as opposite as God and Mammon; and whoever holds to the one must despise the other.”

During this run of Neptune in the US’ horoscope, it is left the rogue candidates such as Bernie Sanders to voice the need to pay attention to social responsibility

In 2020, Neptune will be in opposition of the horoscope of the First Congress. Then we can expect social change in the politics of the country.

DEMOCRATS: I don’t mean to imply that Democrats are more “saintly” than Republicans, it’s just that the Mundane Astrology for the GOP is more intense than for the Democrats. I respect your right to disagree and have an opinion about who is more worthy, Dems, or GOP.

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NEWS FLASH! Astrology Event – Merkeba in the Sky


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On July 29, 2013, there was an extraordinary configuration of planets and luminaries. This only happens every 800 years or so. And as expected every New Age mind on the planet is heralding it as the salvation of humankind. In other words, blowing it all out of proportion. The Grand Sextile, as it is called is, indeed a special one, but perhaps a cool-headed interpretation would be more useful than falling to our knees and shouting at the sky.

Throughout my career as an astrologer there have been numerous “Miracle” celestial events that promised the dawning of a new age or the beginning of something “BIG, BIG, BIG.” Alas, disappointment always followed when the New Age of world peace and love was not ushered in and our imprisonment in the world of complicated emotions, fears, doubts, and more, continued. Plus, the Young and Baby souls of the earth kept going with their headlong drive toward short-sighted destruction of the planet.

Ronald Colemen and Sam Jaffe in Lost Horizon - Shangri La

Ronald Colemen and Sam Jaffe in Lost Horizon – Shangri La

I know it would be wonderful if a singular event would zap everyone in the third eye and awaken the human race to peace and Shangri La. It probably won’t happen that way, but it does make good copy for the web and books. Remember the Harmonic Concordance in 2003? It had a similar configuration of planets as the one now. Continue reading

Astrology and 2012 – Earth? What Earth?


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godzillaAccording to a lot of people, December, 2012 will bring either great disaster, or great awakening. Many astrologers are wearing the pads off of their fingers writing about this. Most of them agree that it will NOT be the end, nor will there be a great awakening but there will be changes.

As an astrologer, I didn’t want to be left out of the what’s-in-store-for-2012 frenzy. She here is my take on it plus a few great insights from others.

Astrology is about cycles.
All of the 2012 firestorm started with the harmonic convergence in the 1980s and it hasn’t stopped in momentum. In 2011 a series of hard aspects between Uranus and Pluto started the ball rolling. There were Grand Crosses with planets in Cardinal signs (These are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Virgo). Cardinal signs signal action. Grand Crosses hae to do with challenges and being blocked. Continue reading

Astrology and Tarot – The Scary Cards and Planets part 1: The Blasted Tower


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Tarot and Astrology are linked like hot dogs and relish. The two can’t really be separated when reading an astrology chart or Tarot cards.

In both systems of whole-being-analysis, there are some parts that are scary to people who don’t really know the story of the card or planet.

In astrology, Pluto, Saturn, and Mars often get a bad rap. Each planet has both an uncomfortable, i.e. scary expression, and an empowering one. These planets, like all the planets, are double-edged swords. Pluto can tear down, but only to clear the way for rebuilding in a better way. Saturn, is both a roadblock and a builder of stability and security. Mars can rip through our lives and blast us out of our comfort zone, but always to our highest good. It can break things, burn things, and explode things (when aligned with Uranus), but there is always a positive message underlying—often one we don’t want to hear.

tower tarot card

The Blasted Tower in the Rider-Waite Deck

In Tarot, there are some cards in the deck that seem to always strike fear in those who don’t understand the symbolism. The Blasted Tower is one of them. Ruled by Mars, and by association, Aries, it shows a man (King) and a woman (Queen) falling out of a tall tower that has been blasted by lightening.

The tower is an “Ivory Tower,” a symbol of our closed ended, coveted belief system or behavior based on a belief system. When the Tower shows up, it means that we have resisted change that is for our highest good. When we resist too long, the universe, fate, destiny, God, or whatever you choose to call it, will intervene and blast you out of your complacence, spurring you on to your path of highest good.

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