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Arabic parts (sometimes called Arabic Lots) are mathematical points based on the Ascendant (Natal). They are activated by transits in either natal or progressed charts.

Arabic Parts can be traced back to ancient Babylonian, Egyptian, and Hermetic astrology. They had become a standard astrology practice by the 1st Century as a part of Hellenistic astrology (Dorotheus of Sidon). Before classical Astrology (Greco/Roman) they were called “Lots.”

After the fall of Rome, Astrology practice and research fell to the Arabians and Persians who translated Greek astrology sources and continued to develop the “Lots.” The Persian astrologer, Abu Ma’Shar (787-886) describes at least 55 Lots.

Around the 10th century Arabic astrology manuscripts began being translated into Latin for European astrologers. Guido Bonatti, a 13th century astrologer, assumed that the Lots had originated in Arabia, so the name was changed to “Arabic (or Arabian) Parts.”

Arabic parts are an interplay between planets/angles, and cusps, and are similar to midpoints.

Parts don’t act on their own volition like a planet would but must be combined with aspects to other planets or cusps and activated through transits (natal or progressed).

The Decanate of a Part is also important in showing subtle influences. Parts don’t actively aspect anything and can only receive aspects from planets, angles, transits, progressions, solar arcs, and fixed stars.

Conjunctions and oppositions are the strongest, although a conjunction or parallel to a fixed star is also strong. Trines, Squares, and quincunx (inconjunct) are also important if they align with the meaning of the Part.

If the ruler of the sign of the Part aspects it, it shows a strong influence.


  1. A CONJUNCTION to an angle or planet.
  2. The ruler of the part aspecting the part.
  3. A Cluster of Parts strengthens the house influence.
  4. A planet that is a also used in calculating the Part adds power to it.
  5. The Element the Part is in will give valuable information


Part of Fortune (POF)

Fire brings a love for, and gain from, activity and leadership and things related to Fire energy, i.e. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius matters.

Earth shows a love of money and things related to Earth energy, i.e. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn matters.

Air enhances intellect and learning and things related to Air energy, i.e. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius matters.

Water emphasizes emotional issues and things related to water energy, i.e. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Also look to the house where the Part of Fortune lives to describe the life area of the gain or interest.


All aspects to the Part of Fortune bring positive influence according to the nature of the aspect:

Conjunct: Strong desires to achieve and succeed. Sometimes things just happen without the person knowing how or why. Sometimes there is no appreciation for their talents and skills or for what they have because having and achievement are a part of their nature.

Squares: Challenge and competition are welcomed and encouraged in order to get what they want.

Trines: There will be an easiness in achieving their goals.

Inconjunct (quincunx) Flexibility is a part of their gain and achievement.

Opposition: Compromise is necessary for success in what they want.

Apply the above example to the nature of any of the parts you calculate.

All Parts start with the number of the sign (Aries = 0, Taurus = 1, Gemini = 2, etc.) then add the planet or cusp called for, then subtract the planet called for.

Example  Calculation: Part of Fortune for Barack Obama: August 5, 1961, 7:24 PM – Honolulu, HI

obama chart

Tropical Chart, Topocentric Cusp system.

Ascendant: 10  19  11 (19 Aquarius 11) + Sun: 4  13  30 (13 Leo 30) – Moon: 02 15 54 (15 Gemini 54) = 12 16 46: Aries 16 47 – Fire, 2nd Decanate, Intercepted, 2nd House

For an online calculator: http://libracentre.com/arabic_parts_chart.php

 NOTE: If you use a different cusp system the POF might come out 16 Aries 48. Not enough difference to matter.

Formula: Asc + (planet/ruler/cusp) – (planet)

Asc +:

Assassination                          Ruler of the 12th – Neptune

Brethren/Kin                           Jupiter – Saturn

Cancer                                     Neptune – Jupiter

Catastrophe                            Uranus – Sun

Commerce/Business              Mars – Sun

Contentment/Peace               Venus – – Sun

Daughters                               Venus – Moon

Death/Disaster                       8th Cusp –Moon

Discord/Inharmony                 Jupiter – Mars

Faith/Belief/Trust                  Mercury – Moon

Father/Advancement             Sun – Saturn

Fortune/Substance                 Moon – Sun (day charts) ASC + Sun – Moon (night charts)

Increase/Benefit                     Jupiter – Sun

Inheritance/Legacy                 Moon – Saturn

Intelligence/Skill                     Mars – Mercury

Love/Entertainment               Venus – Sun

Marriage/Partners                  7th – Venus

Mother/Family                       Jupiter – Venus

Peril/Danger                           Jupiter – Saturn

Play/Sports                             Venus – Mars

Servants/Service                     Moon – Mercury

Sickness/Upset                       Mars – Saturn

Sons                                        Jupiter – Moon

Spirit/Soul                               Sun – Moon

Suicide                                    8th – Neptune

Surgery/Cutting                      Saturn – Mars

Tragedy/Fatality                     Saturn – Sun

Treachery/Fraud                     Neptune – Sun

Waste/Extravagance              Jupiter – Mars

Set up a blank chart and fill in all the Arabic Parts that you want to. Then look at how your natal planets or progress planets aspect them.