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One of the most crucial elements in any political astrology reading is having accurate birth information—for the person, and for the country in question. That can be problematic because when a nation was “born” is not easy to discern. For example, The United States has a menu of charts to choose from, including the Sibly, Evangeline Adams, Lee Resolution, and Dane Rudhyar charts as major players. Just because one is used more often than the others doesn’t mean that the others in consideration can’t offer up valuable information, too.

The Sibly Chart

July 4, 1776, 5:13 pm EST, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The most commonly used chart for the United States of America is the Sibly, published in 1787. It gives the U.S. Sagittarius rising and Sun in Cancer. This chart is based on various sources that mention the document being signed or adopted in the “early evening.” The major source is from Freemason, Dr. Ebenezer Sibley, an astrologer and physician in London. He wrote that the Declaration of Independence had been signed a little after 10pm GMT (Just after 5pm Philadelphia time), July 4, 1776. This gave a rising sign of 12 Sagittarius 21. In the 1940s, Astrologer Dane Rudhyar rectified this chart to 5:13:55—10 Sagittarius rising.

Using this time and date may seem like a no-brainer, but historical records only state that the Declaration was adopted in the early evening then delivered to the printer. Copies were printed by John Dunlap during the night of July 4 and ready for distribution on July 5. At the time of printing only two had signed the document: John Hancock and Charles Thomson. The rest of the signatures didn’t come until August or even later. It was reprinted with all the signatures in October.

The Philadelphia Historic Society has notations from something Thomas Jefferson wrote about hearing an old man say it was “late in the afternoon,” when the document was signed. They also have notes from John Adams, and John Quincey Adams saying that they signed “late in the day.” No date or specific time is given.

Some charts are based on other dates, July 2, for example. Benjamin Franklin, however, founder of the American Masonic Lodge, chose the July 4 for the signing of the Declaration of Independence based on astrology. On that date, five planets came together in the havens to form a multi planetary and stellar eclipse.

There are hundreds of sites discussing the accuracy of using this chart for predictions, but the other charts also hit some home-runs.

Gemini Rising Charts

July 4, 1776, 2:13 am, LMT, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


There are lots of US birth charts with Gemini Rising using a variety of times: 2:13, 2:14, 2:17, and maybe more. Some of these charts are obscure and championed only by a few. One, however, stands out. Famous astrologer, Evangeline Adams declared 2:13 am the correct time to for a USA birth chart because it places Uranus exactly on the Ascendant, reflecting the spirit of rebellion in the act of splitting from England. Breaking away from “mother country” or “tyranny” is a Uranian act. This chart shows Gemini rising and Mars on the Ascendant, representative of the often dual nature of the United States and the pioneering spirit that is ingrained in the consciousness of Americans. She accurately predicted that the United States would enter into a war in the early 1940s using this chart.

Lee Resolution Chart

July 2, 1776, 12 Noon (EST), Philadelpha Pennsylvania (39N57, 75w09)


On July 2, 1776, Virginia representative, Richard Henry Lee presented a motion to Congress, “Resolved, that these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the Sate of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved.”

This document was the start of the American Revolution. Although the exact time of the adoption of this resolution is unknown, John Adams wrote that the final discussion on it was about 11 in the morning. After a discussion, the vote was taken. 12 Yeas and one Abstaining (NY).

This chart puts the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, and Virgo Ascendant with Pisces Descendant and Gemini Midheaven.

One of the most telling predictions from this chart is that Pluto and Mercury coming together are about transformation, radical transformation. It foretold a blood war to gain independence from the mother country.

Perhaps one of the most frightening prediction using the Lee chart is that Pluto is currently closing in on its return to the point it was during the American Revolution and there will be a conjunction with the Moon in Capricorn in 2020. Astrologers using the Lee chart are predicting a definite revolution heading our way. The question is, who will lead it?

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe…

So, why the controversy over which chart to use for the US? For one thing, few astrologers agree on what the birth of a nation means and fuzzy historical records leave a lot of leeway. When was the United States of America born? It’s obvious that the USA as we know it today was not born on July 4, 1776. It took a war and a lot of trial-and-error efforts to come up with the system that American’s live in today. So, do we instead look to the ratification of the Constitution as the birth of this nation (September 17, 1787, 4pm Philadelphia)? The adoption of the Articles of Confederation November 15, 1777, York Pennsylvania)? Or, perhaps when the first president took office (April 30, 1789, Philadelphia)?

Ratification of the Constitution, September 17, 1787, 4pm Philadelphia


Articles of Confederation November 15, 1777, York Pennsylvania


George Washington’s Inauguration, April 30, 1789, Philadelphia


Most astrologers use July 4, 1776, either the 5pm or 2am time. Perhaps this is because in the minds and hearts of Americans, this is when their nation took its first breath.

When the Declaration of Independence was signed by John Hancock and sent to the printer is our psychological baseline for predictions about this country. Using this date has proven to be significant in showing trends and events, but are they the whole picture?

The signing of the Declaration of Independence achieved a milestone in “declaring” unity, so in a sense Americans were “born” when they openly declared a split with England and King George’s right to rule over the people of this new nation. Maybe that’s why some astrologers use the Lee Resolution chart of July 2. But few non-scholars are even aware of this event. July 4, 1776 is ingrained in our minds as the birth of a nation.

At the time, though, the sentiment to split with the “mother” country was controversial and not embraced by the majority of the people in the colonies. Benjamin Franklin’s own son proclaimed himself to be a “loyalist.” This caused a family rift for many years. Perhaps this is one of the events that demonstrates the dualistic nature at the dawn of our nation as presented in Evangaline Adam’s chart for the United States. World-renowned astrologer Dane Rudhyar often used a USA chart with Libra rising.

Charts erected for the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 only show the beginning (birth) of a will to live independently, not, as many believe, the literal birth of a nation. For this, it might be more useful to use the birth of the US Constitution in 1789 for government issues and perhaps the July 4th signing of the Declaration of Independence for the mind and will of the people.

Tropical or Sidereal Astrology?

What time to use and what date isn’t the only consideration. Astrology has two major branches —Tropical and Sidereal. Western astrologers generally use Tropical. Eastern astrologers, especially in India, use Sidereal or Vedic astrology. What’s the difference? Tropical astrology is symbolic—a system of energy-forces not directly related to the actual position of the planets and stars in our skies. Sidereal astrology is based on the actual longitudes and latitudes of the heavenly bodies

This isn’t the time or place to discuss the endless arguments about which system is best. I’ll just say that oddly, even though not rooted in literal positioning, Tropical astrology works and works very well. I have found it to be amazingly accurate in predicting the psychological/spiritual trends of nations and governments. Sidereal astrology is also accurate and jaw-dropping awesome where material and mundane events are concerned rather than the why’s and wherefores that weave the web leading up to the event. It’s my opinion. Feel free to disagree if you want. I’m always open to discussion.


Whichever chart or charts you use to predict the coming events and trends in the United States, notice that each chart has its strengths and weaknesses. Taking all this into consideration and choosing a base chart for operations, might bring some surprisingly accurate predictions.

For predictions about 2017, I recommend YouTube Videos:

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There are a lot of YouTube videos about the world situation and personal astrology. I liked the above but also admit that I haven’t explored everyone’s video. If you find a really good one, let me know.

NOTE: The information in this post is simplified. The maze of facts and information surrounding the astrology of the United States of America is so convoluted, researching it is much like sliding down the rabbit hole. The facts I present are true to the best of my knowledge. If you find something contradictory or you understand something differently than is present here, let me know. I’m happy to amend and expand the post.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment. I love comments.


Anita Burns