I totally agree with you. WTF?

Arrow in Flight

These cards are part of this cool Astrology-themed Oracle deck I have called the Oracle of the Radiant Sun. Each card captures a single Planetary placement using the seven visible or “classical” Planets and the 12 Zodiac Signs. Since 12 x 7 = 84, the deck has a total of 84 cards, all chock-full of this great, old-time-y artwork.

The deck also perfectly illustrates one of the main and hugest reasons why I have serious issues with the way that the brilliant British mystical society known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn tried to map astrological symbols onto Tarot. I do firmly believe that the Golden Dawn members did genius-level work overall, and also that this kind of mapping might not even be truly workable – not if, like me, you want the results of any such efforts to exhibit perfect symmetry and efficiency and whatnot.

But just…

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