I have my Sun in the second house in Aquarius and Mercury in Pisces is also there (Tropical, Topocentric). Although one would think that money would be a priority in my life, it has never been so. I like having money but could never bring myself to base any of my actions on the money issue. So, I’ve had a wild and interesting life with the sort of freedom (Aquarius) and oddball attitude about life (Mercury in Pisces) that thrills me emotionally, but have only experienced short periods of being financially stable. 2nd house has a lot more to it than many astrologers might think.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon

The astrological second house is an interesting place. It’s one of those houses which seem so easy to grasp at first. That is, if you are not exposed to some kind of crazy planetary puzzle-dilemma there. In my case, that’s at least three planets there in conjunction (I say three because I’m still not sure if my Sun is in the 12th or first house..so it might be actually four)

Regardless, a triple conjunction is enough to make you think and try to go a bit deeper than the regular “money, wealth, riches, possessions” level.

What I realised related to this house is that there is definitely something about this place and being stuck at one point in our lives. And not knowing where this stuckness is coming from and how to get out of the quagmire. 

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