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This interpretation would be merged with the meaning of the 2nd house—Security, possessions, what makes us feel safe. When Uranus moves into your 3rdhouse (in this example), it would be treated as if this was the second, but colored by the native meaning of the 3rd: communications, siblings, communication, and such.

Also read Uranus through the houses as he travels through your houses when they are in the natural order. Below, for example, When Uranus is in Leo, it would be read as traveling through the 9th house.

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2nd to first

Uranus through the Houses in 7-year cycles:

1st house

Uranus transiting here brings in the start of news cycles. It heralds anything that has potential for renewal, rebirth, or creation.  The changes that happen during this cycle lay a foundation for the rest of the seven–year cycles.

In the first house, Uranus asks us to explore our own creativity and move toward a fuller expression of our own totality and unique nature. It is a time of self–renewal. During this planet’s journey through your first house, you will most probably experience restlessness and discontent with status quo. This can be the impetus toward change.

You may experience inner struggles with the desire to hold onto the comfort of life as-is because it had offered you familiarity or security. And yet a deep part of yourself craves more freedom and change.

The effect of Uranus moving through your first house, can disrupt personal relationships. Others may not appreciate the changes in you or even become afraid of them. You may come to choice points where are you know that you must either give up long-held relationships that no longer harmonize with your changing inner self and desire to live in a different way, or keep the security you’re familiar with and suffer in silence.

If these changes aren’t keeping with your true self and your highest good, suppressing them will only result in the build up tension that could explode in rash decisions that disrupt your life in  a possibly destructive way. It is better to find more congenial ways to embrace the changes that you are called to in a more peaceful way.

On the other hand, in cases such as leaving a traditional religion where family and friends are still entrenched in the beliefs and dogma of that religion. It can be difficult. It could result in anger, disappointments, fear, and outright hostility from your decision to follow your heart and move-on. In this case, you must deal with your own inner conflict about what Uranus is urging you to do and to heal your emotions concerning the separation from people and ideologies that no longer serve your highest good. In other words, it is useful to understand that how someone reacts to you changing has everything to do with them, and little or nothing to do with you. They lash out because of their own fears, or deep feelings. You have no responsibility to sacrifice your greater good to appease their inability to accept you as you are and not as what they want you to be.

2nd House

If you heeded the call of Uranus transiting your 1st house, you are now called upon to nurture the “new you.” It is time to discover the ins-and-outs of your new direction. This is a grounding cycle—time to perfect the talents, abilities, and skills that stabilize your new direction.

Using the example from House 1, leaving an entrenched religion, you now have to find out how to integrate your new beliefs into your life so that they enrich you. This can be a confusing time. Uranus, is the god of chaos. Where do you learn? What is the most effective path? Who can you trust? What can you do to avoid the entrapment of your old ways? Suddenly, you are faced with things popping into your life that seem to hold answers. Finding your way through the forest of contradictions from others who think they have THE answers for you needs careful planning, and a clear vision and idea of what you want and where you want to go with it. Keep in mind that an ideology, path, organization, teacher, or practice, may hold some answers but the whole package might not be right for you. When you have learned or experienced what you needed to be there, Uranus will urge you to move on to the next place that holds more keys to your quest.

It is important, at this stage to explore but also to be wary of those who would entrap you into a prison of beliefs and blind commitment that don’t fit who you are. Uranus is asking you to take the leap and explore the unknown realms of self exploration, be unafraid to say “no,” and to disengage from any teacher, group, or organization that doesn’t feel right.

With this cycle, if you stick to your guns about what it is that you want and listen to your inner voice about who you are, you will emerge as someone with greater confidence, grounded ideals that fit your highest good, and have a well-defined sense of self.

3rd House

This is when you begin integrating your new ways into your everyday life. There may be a temptation to revert to some of the old ways before your personal revolution. Uranus urges you to keep looking forward but there is usually a tug to give-up and return to the original fold. This testing period gives you the opportunity to keep to your growth pattern or give up and return to the fold. Returning starts the cycle all over again and it will be difficult to reach the state of inner peace, comfort, strength, and freedom to live according to your soul’s purpose. If you regress, you will experience disquiet, restlessness, stress, and struggle.

The vice-grip of your old life must be broken here, or you condemn yourself to misery, masked from the outer world, as you trudge along with what is expected of you by people and systems that are tearing at your soul.

Keeping to your path of highest good will result in strength, and feeling secure in your sense of who you are and what you can contribute to the world.

4th House

Disruptive Uranus here will dig even deeper to root out unconscious parts of yourself that still hold to limiting beliefs. It hits home with thoughts and feelings still clinging to old ideals that are not in keeping with your highest good. Your “security blankets” may be ripped away so you can anchor yourself in your own sense of security, regardless of what others think you “should” be doing or believing.

During this time, you might feel as if nothing and no one can be relied upon. Uranus is leading you toward self-reliance. Self-reliance doesn’t mean being alone, though. Uranus is showing you that you can be your own person and invite others into your life who enhance you. Rather than someone completing you, that someone must show that he or she brings out the highest and best in you, that you can grow with, express joy and live take and give of your deepest self. Like frosting on a cake, you can eat it alone and it is good, but the frosting makes it even better.

If you have heeded the urgings of Uranus in previous houses, then you will fly through this one without much trouble.

5th House

If you have heeded the urgings of Uranus in houses 1-4, this should be a breeze for you. Now is the time to explore your path without question or doubt. Dive into your new world with gusto and revel in its beauty. Art for art’s sake is a phrase that embraces this period. You are less concerned with what you can get out of your new life than in just living it. Whether you are creating a new family, starting a new career that lights up your life, writing the novel of your heart, teaching or mentoring, completing the education you never finished, indulging in missionary work, or any whatever “floats your boat,” this is the time to immerse yourself in your new world.

6th House

This is the readjustment period. You may have come to a point where you feel that your new life is becoming too entrenched, stale, or something is still missing. A personal crisis, or a turning point in your life comes in to have you questioning your decisions. You might have an is-this-all-there-is moment. The richness of your life no longer holds the passion it once did.

You might be more introspective, focus on past failures, or how what you thought your life would become fell short. Uranus is urging you to dig deeper into your passions and loves and continue to grow and expand your world. You will be given opportunities to adjust how you now live your life to keep pace with how you are growing.

Some examples could be:

Writing poetry in a certain way that once seemed alive and infinitely fulfilling, now seems trite or uninspired. You are being urged to try a new style, or break into a different way of expressing your inner self, perhaps through music, dance, acting, or writing a novel.

The career you were so excited about before might have become routine and dull. It’s time to explore how you can add to it, do it differently, or move on to the next level in your job.

Your family is grown up and leaving the nest. Who are you now? Who do you have to take care of? Life seems dangerously empty and meaningless. Uranus urges you to find other ways to nurture and be appreciated for your ability to care for others and be of valuable service. Volunteer work at hospitals, Senior centers, nursery schools, or involvement in organizations that need leaders and organizers are some ways Uranus might send you.

If you heed Uranus when it is transiting this house, your life will again light up with joy and passion.

7th House

Now, Uranus encourages you to focus on relationships—love and/or business. What was routine and settled could become unsettled and unpredictable. The desire to be more of your own person in the relationship is strong. Emotions might run high as you decide you are no longer comfortable with how you are treated or with your traditional role in the relationship. You might suddenly see or experience your long-term relationships in a new light—one that needs adjustment. Habitual patterns now seem irritating or limiting. You might, for example ask yourself why such-and-such is your responsibility when it clearly should be your partner’s.

This transit cycle often hits hard on women who are married, have a family, and a career. If she is still trying to fulfill the traditional role of caretaker, housekeeper, cook, and taking care of the children’s needs, too, a lightning strike might have her thinking why, when she is also contributing financially, does her partner do nothing outside of wash a dish or two, once in a while.

A man, married to a woman who contributes nothing, yet demands everything as her right because she has a vagina, might rethink why he is still in the marriage.

This aspect can work with business partners, too. If it isn’t working out but you’ve been hanging on for a long time—just because—he’s your brother-in-law, your wife’s cousin, or the partner is a long time friend, you will most likely look for ways to dissolve the partnership or take drastic steps to improve it.

8th House

So, you’ve made a lot of changes. Now, you are testing those changes. Are they working out the way you wanted them to? What could you do to make it even better? Did you learn from whatever setbacks came with the change? What consequences did the changes bring? Did you receive enough return for the work you put into them?

For example, you might have left a dysfunctional marriage, but now you are paying for it either financially or emotionally because your ex-spouse is harassing you or holding the children hostage for more money or just out of spite.

Now is the time to examine what can be done to correct or resolve the spill-out of the actions you took when Uranus was in the 7th house.

This transit can also hearken to changes made in earlier house influences. Did you find out that the passion of your life was not teaching children English in a third-world country after all? Did you discover that although you really wanted to be the next winner of America’s (or Britain’s) Got Talent as a singer, and you just didn’t cut it—Four XXXX?

This is time to still embody your dreams and ideals as you take into account what went wrong and strive to correct it. Maybe teaching English in a third world country wasn’t your thing after all, but teaching reading to adults really lights your fire. If you wanted to be a singer, but the talent just isn’t there, perhaps songwriting is your thing. Many famous songwriters can’t carry a tune or have such horrendous voices, no one likes to hear them.

Perhaps, the field you chose as your dream has changed around you. If you were a Libertarian I the 60s, you might have embraced the freedom-loving ideals, now you’ve matured and see them as a bunch of conspiracy-fearing oddballs with anarchist leanings. (No insults intended for the Libertarian party, but it obviously isn’t for everyone). Whether this is true of them or not doesn’t matter. It is how you feel about it.

Perhaps the powers-that-be in your field of work changed and you no longer agree with their politics, policies, or ideals.

Many things can have you re-examining the changes you made. It’s not that the changes were a mistake, it’s that you and/or those around you have changed and muddied the waters too  much for you to still feel comfortable where you are. Disillusionment is definitely possible with Uranus n the 8th.

Self-understanding is crucial here. Find your motivation and the course-corrections you can make to renew your connection to your chosen path.

9th House

This carries on the theme of relationships but expands it to a wider scope. The 9th is about our spiritual views, how we fit into the world in a broader sense than the personal roles we play in our lives. The 9th house is about higher education, long-distance travel, experiencing the Gaia of life. These will be on your mind. Now, your whole perspective might change and your personal relationships take on new meaning as you strive to broaden your horizons and have your partner come along for the ride. You need your partner to be involved in your ideals as a whole, interested in your work outside the home or job. Here is where you examine if your partner is capable of changing and expanding with you. If not, you might be ready to exit.

You’ve probably heard more than one reason for people divorcing but a common theme is that “We’ve grown apart. I moved on and he/she didn’t.”

Being willing to make the big changes in personal relationships as you pursue greater understanding of yourself and the world you live in and seek to be a part of the “bigger picture,” is what Uranus is asking you to do.

10th House

Now you are looking at your place in society and concerned with public image. We all put on one face privately and another publicly. It is the public you that you examine now. Could you be more effective in your job if you learn better presentation skills? Should you study NLP to learn excellence in communication? You might ask ,  “Am I taken seriously by others. How do others perceive me? Am I too fashion-conscious, or not fashion conscious enough? What is my image: Hippie, business person, adventurer, charmer, suave, rough-and-tumble, bad-boy/girl, tough, tender and sweet, or?”

Are you comfortable with your image or is it time for a change? Have you been afraid to let your hair go gray because people might think you’re past your prime? Do you keep to social standards that you don’t really believe in because you don’t want others to think badly of you? Are you hiding the fact that you’re gay and afraid to come out because of the public issues you think might come down on your head? Still railing against the “establishment,” in the same way you did decades ago? Do you still think of yourself as a worker instead of a leader? Are you a leader but wish you didn’t have the responsibility and could just do your job without all the pressure? Do you hold onto a marriage because divorce is against your family’s religion or people would consider you a failure?

There are many more questions you could ask yourself. The 10th house Uranus asks you to examine long held, ingrained habits, beliefs, and behaviors and decide what is really in your best interest. How do you really want to be seen and known by the public. Find a way to be okay with that and go for it. No matter how many people disapprove of your change, others will applaud and say, “Welcome to our club.”

11th House

If you successfully navigated the Uranus maze from the 10th house, you are ready to take on the 11th house of social organizations, and your place in social groups. You might be ready for membership in professional or social organizations. Is it time to step into the role of team-player? How can you contribute and what can a social or professional organization offer you?

You might be considering supporting or joining humanitarian groups, or special interest groups. Does Meetup.com offer Left-handed-turnip twaddler exchange groups? Can you learn and contribute to a group devoted to exotic pidgins? Do you want the company of others who share your interests?

You could be prompted by your inner Uranus-driven self, to start a group, be a teacher, or mentor to others who are beginning a new venture or struggling with their lives.

With Uranus transiting your 11th house, you can expect to attract and be attracted to people and groups that are outside your core interests. You will find the “oddball” fascinating and form alliances and friendships with people who live in a way that you never thought possible.

And, again, you will be asking yourself if you are too bound by your lifestyle, too tied down by limiting beliefs from others. Self-examination and knowing your true inner self can give you’re the answers.

12th House

This the end game with Uranus’ cycles. Most people won’t live long enough for another go-round.

Your quest is over—for now. You can draw conclusions from your journey. A retrospect and examination of the last eleven cycles gives you great insight into your life and the wild ride that Uranus has taken you on.

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