Mercury, Moon, and the Giant Sucker – Dec. 21-24, 2017


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Mercury symbol


YAY! Mercury turns DIRECT at 5:50pm today (1:50am GMT) in Sagittarius, 13 degrees. I don’t know about you, but this one hit me hard. I couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for work or doing any of my many beloved projects. Yesterday, I pretty much laid around, worked on my jigsaw puzzle, and watched Christmas movies on TV—mostly insipid and uninspiring. Then watched Crown on Netflix—amazing and wonderful series.

Sensing the change coming even before I looked it up, in the evening, I suddenly had mucho energy,  rearranged the living room furniture, and watched The VOICE finale on TV. I already knew who won but enjoyed the show. CIA is so uncomfortable to watch but I love her voice. And, what’s with Pherell Williams’ red hair? And that oddly mesmerizing but truly bizarre performance by N.E.R.D?


Sound mix was all wrong for what I was hoping to be the best of the best—Chloe and Billy Idol. All we could hear were loud drums and guitars drowning out their voices. See it here: Better yet, watch one of Chloe’s best:

Sorry for the diversion, but, hey, Mercury is DIRECT. Mind clearing, enthusiasm for life returning. Wanna dance, sing, create a-mazing goodies with flour and sugar!

This Mercury retrograde clouded our thinking and fuzzied our brains. Bad choices, confused time schedules, created havoc with appointments and anything purchased is likely to have to be returned, or replaced, or repaired. Christmas gifts purchased under this retrograde have a greater chance of being returned or having something wrong with them.

I once read that the majority of men do their Christmas shopping Christmas Eve. Smart move this year. Mercury is direct so that sweater you receive probably won’t unravel, the jewelry likely won’t break, and the candy most probably won’t have bug parts in it. Feel safer with gifts purchased after today.


Dreams now could be vivid and contain important messages. Meditate on The Magician Tarot Card (ruled by Mercury) for inspiration and psychic messages.

Mercury is conjuncting (at 14 Degrees Sagittarius) the astronomical anomaly called the “Great Attractor. This wild and weird place in the sky is sucking galaxies into it like a ravenous college student with a bowl of Ramen. What this means astrology-wise? Other than upping our creative ability, IDK. But, it’s still awesome.

Until January 18, 2018, we will still be somewhat under the spell of Mercury Rx. It needs to reach Sagittarius 29 before we are truly clear about our next adventure or able to actually dive into our next project, but prep starts NOW.


2017 SOLSTICE – December 21-24, aligns with the galactic center. And….??? you ask. This is a great time for ritual work, mantras ,meditations, and inner soul searching to bring our 8th house issues around our Shadow Self to the light for transformation into positive energy for our lives.

MOON IN AQUARIUS on December 22. It SQUARES Jupiter in the early morning, spurring prophetic dreams and glimpses into the spirit realms or alternate dimensions.

It SEXTILES Uranus in Aries tonight. Good time for philosophical conversations or crazy, funny banter. This is a good time for seeing UFOs, too. If you haven’t seen The Last Jedi, tonight is the night when you will get the most enjoyment from it or decipher a secret code embedded in the film.

On Christmas Eve, the PISCES MOON brings in some sentimentality, and Christmas cheer. Expect a tear or two of joy and heartfelt emotion.

ICHTHYSEver wondered why the fish is a symbol for Christianity? ICTHYS (Latin for Fish) became an acrostic that the persecuted Christians cleverly came up with as a secret symbol: Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter (Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior). Keep in mind, though that this didn’t happen until way after the supposed miracle man supposedly walked the earth. Originally Icthys was a Pagan symbol for fertility because it resembled female genitalia.

I know this has nothing to do with astrology, but now that my mind is back on, my ADD has kicked in full swing.

Happy Solstice to All and to All Good Tidings,




Arabic Parts in your Horoscope


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for arabic parts - Bartolomeu_Velho_1568small

Arabic parts (sometimes called Arabic Lots) are mathematical points based on the Ascendant (Natal). They are activated by transits in either natal or progressed charts.

Arabic Parts can be traced back to ancient Babylonian, Egyptian, and Hermetic astrology. They had become a standard astrology practice by the 1st Century as a part of Hellenistic astrology (Dorotheus of Sidon). Before classical Astrology (Greco/Roman) they were called “Lots.”

After the fall of Rome, Astrology practice and research fell to the Arabians and Persians who translated Greek astrology sources and continued to develop the “Lots.” The Persian astrologer, Abu Ma’Shar (787-886) describes at least 55 Lots.

Around the 10th century Arabic astrology manuscripts began being translated into Latin for European astrologers. Guido Bonatti, a 13th century astrologer, assumed that the Lots had originated in Arabia, so the name was changed to “Arabic (or Arabian) Parts.”

Arabic parts are an interplay between planets/angles, and cusps, and are similar to midpoints. Continue reading

Karmic Astrology and the Part of Fortune


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pof-in-wheelThe Part of Fortune is an Arabic Part. Arabic Parts are also sometimes called “Arabian Parts,” or “Lots.” They have been a part of predictive astrology for centuries and are invaluable for fine-tuning predictions and for use in Karmic (past life) astrology.

Arabic Parts were first derived by Ptolemy around, 300 BCE and further developed in the early middle ages by Al Biruni, a Muslim mathematician, astronomer, and Sanskrit scholar. In the 11th century, he listed 97 Parts in his book, The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology. It was translated into English by R. Ramsay Wright and published in London at Luzac & Co., 1934. You can find it on

What are Arabic Parts?

They are calculations of planetary positions (most often three) that influence specific areas of the human experience. The math to calculate Arabic parts, although simple, when multiplied 97 times, becomes laborious if you do them by hand and few astrology apps offer an Arabic Part module. I typically use 3 -10 parts depending on what I am looking for in the client’s chart.

Examining Arabic Parts, gives us a deeper glimpse into the horoscope and how it impacts our lives and, for Karma Astrology, a glimpse into our past incarnations.

Even though there are 97 Parts, the most commonly known today is the Part of Fortune (POF) (Pars Fortuna). Although often misunderstood or not understood at all, the Pars Fortuna is one of the most powerful points in an astrology chart. Astrologer Martin Schulman called it the “pot of gold” in our charts. Through the POF we reach and express our core being.

The shows us the way for our Sun, Moon, and Ascendant to work in harmony and points the way to the Yellow Brick Road to our greatest good. It shows us how our Karma holds us hostage and how to release us from its chains.


By using our Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in their most positive expressions, life goes more easily. If used in the lowest sense of their expression, the POF becomes the Part of Misfortune and life is plagued with obstacles and difficulties. Difficult aspects to the Part of Fortune show karmic challenges put into place for us to work through. For example, if the Moon is squared Sun, the POF will also form a square to the ascendant from either the 4th or 10th house. This shows stress and difficulties with parents—a very karmic situation. Finding ways to resolve the issues, frees the POF to work more harmoniously through us.

Most astrology programs include the Part of Fortune. If not, you can simply calculate for yourself: Add the sign, (Aries is 0, Taurus 1, Gemini 2…) its degrees and minutes to the Moon’s sign, degrees and minutes. Subtract the sign, degrees and minutes of the Sun.


The POF shows us where our greatest joy can be found. Continue reading

Political Astrology and the Many USA Charts


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One of the most crucial elements in any political astrology reading is having accurate birth information—for the person, and for the country in question. That can be problematic because when a nation was “born” is not easy to discern. For example, The United States has a menu of charts to choose from, including the Sibly, Evangeline Adams, Lee Resolution, and Dane Rudhyar charts as major players. Just because one is used more often than the others doesn’t mean that the others in consideration can’t offer up valuable information, too.

The Sibly Chart

July 4, 1776, 5:13 pm EST, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The most commonly used chart for the United States of America is the Sibly, published in 1787. It gives the U.S. Sagittarius rising and Sun in Cancer. This chart is based on various sources that mention the document being signed or adopted in the “early evening.” The major source is from Freemason, Dr. Ebenezer Sibley, an astrologer and physician in London. He wrote that the Declaration of Independence had been signed a little after 10pm GMT (Just after 5pm Philadelphia time), July 4, 1776. This gave a rising sign of 12 Sagittarius 21. In the 1940s, Astrologer Dane Rudhyar rectified this chart to 5:13:55—10 Sagittarius rising.

Using this time and date may seem like a no-brainer, but historical records only state that the Declaration was adopted in the early evening then delivered to the printer. Copies were printed by John Dunlap during the night of July 4 and ready for distribution on July 5. At the time of printing only two had signed the document: John Hancock and Charles Thomson. The rest of the signatures didn’t come until August or even later. It was reprinted with all the signatures in October.

The Philadelphia Historic Society has notations from something Thomas Jefferson wrote about hearing an old man say it was “late in the afternoon,” when the document was signed. They also have notes from John Adams, and John Quincey Adams saying that they signed “late in the day.” No date or specific time is given.

Continue reading

It was the best of times… Astrology

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Yes, Aug 27 is considered to be one of the best days of the year according to the planets. It’s all about DIVINE TIMING. 

Jupiter Venus astrology Tara Greene

I don’t know who to credit for this image

Under a very sentimental emotional CANCER nurturing Moon, and VENUS conjunct JUPITERin VIRGO it’s time to think about our homes, personal and our collective mutual home planet the EARTH.  

Virgo is the sign of service, it’s the clean up, organize, reap the harvest sign. Cancer is giving, unconditional milk of human kindness loving sign. We need to look at our Mother the earth and how we have been treating her. Reaping means karma, and we are also in the midst of the SATURN {Karma} in Sagittarius- Neptune in PISCES {Oil, delusions, escapism, martyrdom, addictions, glamor} square.

There is a Goddess/pagan/wiccan/ witchy, song I learned many years ago.

“The Earth is our mother, she will take…

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Why I Can’t Fully Buy The Golden Dawn’s Astrology-Into-Tarot Mapping

I totally agree with you. WTF?

Arrow in Flight

These cards are part of this cool Astrology-themed Oracle deck I have called the Oracle of the Radiant Sun. Each card captures a single Planetary placement using the seven visible or “classical” Planets and the 12 Zodiac Signs. Since 12 x 7 = 84, the deck has a total of 84 cards, all chock-full of this great, old-time-y artwork.

The deck also perfectly illustrates one of the main and hugest reasons why I have serious issues with the way that the brilliant British mystical society known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn tried to map astrological symbols onto Tarot. I do firmly believe that the Golden Dawn members did genius-level work overall, and also that this kind of mapping might not even be truly workable – not if, like me, you want the results of any such efforts to exhibit perfect symmetry and efficiency and whatnot.

But just…

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Full Moon in August – The Fool on the Yellow Brick Road


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It’s the long anticipated Full Moon in Aquarius today and tomorrow. This is a Moon that sings to the tune of the Fool Tarot Card. New beginnings, starting over, major changes.


You might think you need to have all the answers, all the plans in place, every duck in a row. You might feel that it’s not the right time, or that you are not ready. To that, the universe says, “Bull-pucky and Bantha Poodo. Take the leap. Ignore the man behind the curtain. As for the little dog of reason nipping at your heels, give him a loving pat, pick him up and step off the cliff.

This Moon is a call for the leap of faith for your greater good and growth. So step off and become the Magician Tarot card. Accept a new direction, a greater experience of life. You have all the tool you need. The universe provides opportunity, wisdom and guidance if you allow it.


“Ah,” you say, “But what’s the catch?” Well there is the Moon and Sun opposition, sextile and trine to Uranus (the heart of Aquarius). Sun and Moon opposition means you might have to make a compromise between your fire and water natures—you’re wanting it NOW, on a silver platter, and your emotional, intuitive feelings about proper timing. Let the universe do its work. Follow your intuition but don’t let emotions bog you down.

As for this marvelous Moon sextile Uranus and Sun trine Uranus, The Full Moon is in Leo, whose ruler is the SUN—Heart, largess, boldness, expansion and Uranus is change, the unexpected, what’s new and unique.

Sextiles are “gifts from the gods and goddesses. Let go and accept what they bring—dreams creativity, visionary thinking, community, friendships, exciting change, moving in the right direction at the right time. But you have to risk, trust, and take the first step on your own. You might feel bare-naked and out of your element, but persevere and you’ll find the Emerald City.

Take the Cowardly Lion to find courage (Leo), the Mechanical Man to find his heart (Moon), The Scarecrow to find his brain (Aquarius), and the little dog, Toto (to keep everything balanced). You might have to give up something along the way—feelings of being powerless, not worthy, lost? The reward awaits so click your ruby slippers and step onto the yellow-brick road to find your way home.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)


Astrology  for the Best Darn’ Astrology Training, EVER!







Being stuck in the second house

I have my Sun in the second house in Aquarius and Mercury in Pisces is also there (Tropical, Topocentric). Although one would think that money would be a priority in my life, it has never been so. I like having money but could never bring myself to base any of my actions on the money issue. So, I’ve had a wild and interesting life with the sort of freedom (Aquarius) and oddball attitude about life (Mercury in Pisces) that thrills me emotionally, but have only experienced short periods of being financially stable. 2nd house has a lot more to it than many astrologers might think.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon

The astrological second house is an interesting place. It’s one of those houses which seem so easy to grasp at first. That is, if you are not exposed to some kind of crazy planetary puzzle-dilemma there. In my case, that’s at least three planets there in conjunction (I say three because I’m still not sure if my Sun is in the 12th or first it might be actually four)

Regardless, a triple conjunction is enough to make you think and try to go a bit deeper than the regular “money, wealth, riches, possessions” level.

What I realised related to this house is that there is definitely something about this place and being stuck at one point in our lives. And not knowing where this stuckness is coming from and how to get out of the quagmire. 

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Deeper Uranus – Seven-Year Cycles


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This interpretation would be merged with the meaning of the 2nd house—Security, possessions, what makes us feel safe. When Uranus moves into your 3rdhouse (in this example), it would be treated as if this was the second, but colored by the native meaning of the 3rd: communications, siblings, communication, and such.

Also read Uranus through the houses as he travels through your houses when they are in the natural order. Below, for example, When Uranus is in Leo, it would be read as traveling through the 9th house.

derived houses for blog

2nd to first

Uranus through the Houses in 7-year cycles:

1st house

Uranus transiting here brings in the start of news cycles. It heralds anything that has potential for renewal, rebirth, or creation.  The changes that happen during this cycle lay a foundation for the rest of the seven–year cycles.

In the first house, Uranus asks us to explore our own creativity and move toward a fuller expression of our own totality and unique nature. It is a time of self–renewal. During this planet’s journey through your first house, you will most probably experience restlessness and discontent with status quo. This can be the impetus toward change.

You may experience inner struggles with the desire to hold onto the comfort of life as-is because it had offered you familiarity or security. And yet a deep part of yourself craves more freedom and change.

The effect of Uranus moving through your first house, can disrupt personal relationships. Others may not appreciate the changes in you or even become afraid of them. You may come to choice points where are you know that you must either give up long-held relationships that no longer harmonize with your changing inner self and desire to live in a different way, or keep the security you’re familiar with and suffer in silence.

If these changes aren’t keeping with your true self and your highest good, suppressing them will only result in the build up tension that could explode in rash decisions that disrupt your life in  a possibly destructive way. It is better to find more congenial ways to embrace the changes that you are called to in a more peaceful way.

On the other hand, in cases such as leaving a traditional religion where family and friends are still entrenched in the beliefs and dogma of that religion. It can be difficult. It could result in anger, disappointments, fear, and outright hostility from your decision to follow your heart and move-on. In this case, you must deal with your own inner conflict about what Uranus is urging you to do and to heal your emotions concerning the separation from people and ideologies that no longer serve your highest good. In other words, it is useful to understand that how someone reacts to you changing has everything to do with them, and little or nothing to do with you. They lash out because of their own fears, or deep feelings. You have no responsibility to sacrifice your greater good to appease their inability to accept you as you are and not as what they want you to be.

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